Professional ALUMINUM Design

About us

Modül Metalurji Limited Company carries out product development, casting model design, injection mold design, gravity mold design and production of these molds according to customer demands.

It performs the casting of your products with innovative casting methods from the
produced molds and performs machining operations after casting with the precision you want.

Modül Metalurji provides material selection and product development services for the products you want to produce in the industry by contributing to your R&D activities in cooperation with universities.

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How did We start?

Modul Metallurgy Limited Company was founded to produce casting parts of high quality with innovative solutions in sectors of automotive, major appliance, etc. with the staff supported by academicians in Sakarya in 2018.


What are We doing?

Modül Metalurji has sand casting, gravity casting , high pressure casting, sandblasting and machining methods.
It has 0.25 kg to 200 kg in alump and 1 ton capacity of aluminum casting production and processing daily